Common Core App and Websites

August 11, 2013 - 2:30pm -- Regina T.

I was introduced to an app called Common Core. I have it on my iPad, and it is useful for looking at the standards and the various resources that the company Mastery Connect has provided with the endorsement of the Common Core State Standards initiative.

Using the Standards tab, it is easy to look up standards instead of flipping through a paper book.The resources tab has resources for Math, LA, ELL, and SPED. 

I also find the following websites helpful for unpacking the standards and creating units: (This site has various resources you may find helpful.) (Free Common Core lessons and assessment questions) (This site has ideas and resources for the CCSS Math Standards. Be sure to check out the Problems of the Month.) (This site has many lessons, tasks, and tests that you might find useful.)


Check these out! I think you might find them handy. :)

Submitted by Richard W. on

Thanks for pointing us to these great resources.  I like having the app on my phone so when people start telling me that the CCSS is dumbing down our curriculum or forcing us to teach communism, I can just pull out my phone and show them what they are really all about.