Common Core Rubrics

July 9, 2013 - 12:14pm -- Alison B.

The ELA Common Core rubrics for 9th-10th grade (narrative, argument, and informative essays), as well as for 11th and 12th grade, have now been incorporated into  This means that it is now a matter of only a click or two to attach the appropriate Common Core rubric to any assignment, and to assess the assignment by simply clicking the appropriate cell in the rubric.  For those unfamiliar with, it is a cloud computing-based site that students upload their papers to (rather than--or in addition to--turning in hard copies).  This not only enables a plagiarism check of student papers against a large database but also allows the teacher to make comments and edits on-line.  Peer commenting and on-line discussion are also features of the site.  My students have been turning all their papers in to for a couple of years now, and it should be extremely useful for assessment and feedback to have the Common Core rubrics right there and clickable.  While I have the rubrics in printable form, I believe that students will also be able to review them on-line before turning in their papers.

Submitted by Laura N. on

This site looks awesome!  As a middle school language arts teacher, I would be really interested in the features of this site.  Also, the features for the student to do peer review and edit check are very helpful. I am wondering about the cost.  A quote takes three days, but I am going to check it out.  Thanks for the link to this site.

Submitted by Alison B. on

My district pays for it, and all the English teachers at my high school (and others in the district) use it.  For me it hits that sweet spot of less work for me (grading and commenting on-line truly lightens the burden of endless essay feedback) and better learning for them (they get better and faster feedback, as well as the use of peer review and discussion board features).  And of course the plagiarism problem has been largely eliminated.