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July 30, 2013 - 6:19pm -- Mary S.

I have been attending the Edufest in Boise, ID.  They have done a wonderful job with giving us some tips on project based learning.  One thing that really peeked my interest was the reading contracts that one teacher used.  Below I have included the name of the book that they use to make contracts for independent reading.  I teach Third Grade and am always looking for ways to asses their independent reading that can be done on an idividual basis.  The contracts they talked about can work on varied levels.  The teacher who told us about them is a first grade teacher.  Always nice to find tools to use besides the AR that we all use.

Another teacher shared her ideas about PROBES Personal research on basically everything.  They start by taking 5 index cards and create questions that they have about a certain topic such as habitats.  They take the questions and write the answers on the back.  They should find 2 fact to answer each question.  Then after instruction on research projects they create a 2-4 page paper answering the questions that they had.  They have to do writing, pictures, and diagrams. 

I have attended Edufest before, but this year has been the most helpful.  If you can make it next year it is worth coming to.  Great information on project based learning.  Gets me excited to get back into the classroom.

Mary Seibert


Ready-to-Use Independent Reading Management Kit: Grades 4-6: Reproducible

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Thank you for sharing this post, Mary! I haven't attended Edufest before, but have considered it a few times - maybe next year! Thank you for giving more information about what it is. :)

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I agree.  I have yet to attend Edufest, but I've been reading some posts on this forum about it.