Resources for math and CCSS posters

August 12, 2013 - 11:00pm -- Amanda R.

We have been using a book called Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics by John A. Van de Walle.  There are different books depending on your grade level.  These books contain many, many activities that help students focus on math in a Common Core way.  Van de Walle also has other books we have used, but the one I mentioned is the one we use the most. 


Our school district was also kind enough to purchase a set of Common Core State Standard posters for each teacher.  They are not actually "posters", rather separate pieces of paper for each standard that you fold in half.  These are what you would hang on your board each day in place of the objectives you used to have to write.  These are really great because the creator took each of the standards and made them kid-friendly so you don't have to!  Go to and search for Erin Morrison.  She is the one who created the posters.  You can also search Common Core Standards Posters - "Kid Friendly".  These save a TON of time in writing the standards you will be covering each day.  I know of people who keep them in a small file box or in a binder for easy access and organization.