TED Math- Dan Meyer

June 4, 2013 - 12:53pm -- Prepdog A.

Check out this video that Dan Meyer did for TED on "Math class needs  makeover"

I totally agree with Dan Meyer, we need to apply math to the real world and show students how math is not perfect in the real world.

Submitted by Edith H. on

This was a great video!  I teach math as well but I teach Personal Finance so it has an easy-to-see basis in the "working world."  I could see this used easily.  It will take time to make that paradigm shift.

I will say, I do not like the term "real world" because it implies that students do not live in the "real world."  Sometimes, with all of their baggage that they bring with them to class, their worlds are more real than mine is.

Submitted by Gerald D. on

Yes, apply math in the real world and also let students discuss and have ideas about how things work out.

Submitted by Amanda D. on

I absolutely agree. Making the connection is so important and deepens the meaning.