Project-Based Learning

July 9, 2013 - 2:21pm -- Gerald D.

Does someone have a background on project-based education? 

Submitted by megan H. on

What age do you teach?  I am an elementary teacher and have done some project based units/themes. I like to use projects as much as possible. I'm not sure if it is what you are wanting to do, but I also have used the Storyline Method in class, which uses a story to build a context for the students to problem solve and use inquiry.  You could also check out Edufest which is taking place next week at BSU.  They have website you can look up.  I think there is a session on project based learning. 

Megan Hunicke

Submitted by Mary S. on

I am at edufest and am taking the workshop on the project based learning.  They have a lot of great ideas.  They recommended the book Constructing Buildings, Bridges & Minds.  We are going over the Washington DC project.  This works for all grade levels.  

I am planning on using this model for my third grade class with a community project.  Having each student picking a building in our community or a business.  I will post more as week goes on.

Mary Seibert

Submitted by Lisa W. on

Is the class focused on elementary or secondary levels of project based learning? I use a lot of projects in my classes and am also looking for ways to improve the process. I know that the Boise district offers classes in project based learning specific to grade levels.

Submitted by Paige S. on

During my masters program I took a class called Designing Curriculum that Integrates Technology.  The whole class focused on essential questioning, overarching themes, and project based learning.  I created higher level lesson plans with this class that incorporated project based learning.  I am so glad that I did this because it makes the transtion to Common Core very easy.  I highly reccomend the book Teaching for Understanding by Tina Blythe.  This incorporates Common Core and project base learning.  I also have a template that I received that help me create these types of lessons.  If anyone one would like the template email me me at