Release Questions- Practice Test

June 4, 2013 - 12:21pm -- Prepdog A.

Here is a link to the new Smarter Balanced Release Questions/Test:


Submitted by Bonnie T. on

I took the 3rd grade math test.  It is going to be a real eye opener for students, teachers and parents when they see these tests.  We are going to use this practice test early and often throughout the year.

Submitted by Lisa E. on

Wow!  I just started taking the 3rd grade math test as well!  It is difficult!  I need to make sure I am doing my part as a 2nd grade teacher to get my students prepped for 3rd grade!  BIG CHALLENGE, but I think I'm up for the challenge!! ;-)


Thanks for sharing the link for the SBAC assessment!

Submitted by Gerald D. on

Thanks, the test was fun.  It is going to definitely be a challenge for the kids and teachers.  It is a lot like the think through math questions, and probably what prepdog will be like when using it as a tool for assessment.

Submitted by Amanda R. on

Our students had to take a pilot test for the SBAC this year.  It was definitely a challenge for them because they had never taken a test on the computer that wasn't just multiple choice format and it covered the common core ELA standards that we haven't been fully teaching yet.  They had to complete diagrams, fill in blanks, put things in order... It took a lot of knowledge on how to use a mouse to move things around on the screen.  

It will be important to create quizzes and tests for your students that have a variety of question types including diagrams to complete, matching items, sequencing, etc.  BUT, you cannot just simply put all of that into a multiple choice format because that is not how the SBAC is at all.  This does give teachers the challenge of grading....multiple choice tests are much easier to grade!  

It will also be important to make sure students are familiar with using a computer and manipulating items around on the computer screen.  We are lucky enough to have a computer lab in our school and computer is one of our specials classes, so our students are given computer instruction once a week.  

The SBAC is definitely a much more challenging test to take (due to the format of it) than the ISAT.  Especially at the elementary level where some students have not had enough access to computers to be able to handle the new format.  

Submitted by Prepdog A. on


Thanks for the insight.  We have experienced the same in the junior high setting, only students at the junior high level have more experience on a computer.  The students said the test was a lot harder than the ISAT.  

We will be implementing a drag and drop question type soon.  We currently have a java based module that works, but we are having difficulty with tablets and smart phones.  Hopefully we can iron this feature out soon and get it out to teachers.  It looks like the drag and drop is used as a demo piece on the Smarter Balance website as one of prominent types.  The fill in and multiple answer questions in the mean time are tools tht can be used on to achieve higher DOK levels.

Thanks for the great information.