Roller Coaster Simulators

August 14, 2014 - 8:32am -- Prepdog A.

Here are some roller coaster simulator links I thought might be useful for those of you who are looking for a technology component to your roller coaster project.

Jason Digital Lab Simulator Coaster Ceator **** (suggested grade level 4-6)
This is a great simulator designed by the folks at National Geographic.  This simulator walks you through the steps of designing a roller coaster while teaching the students about mass, PE, KE, and other physics topics.


Disney Build a Roller Coaster ***** (suggested grade level - 4)

This simulator has the most features with a game like feeling.  Students have to solve problems, although some of the problems are not realistic they do have to figure out how to solve the problem with virtual devices.

The first level is free, after that a teacher can pay $20 for 100 access codes/students.  $5 for one home login.

PBS Potential and Kinetic Energy Identified in a Roller Coaster **** (Grades 2 – 6)

This is a nice interactive roller coaster that shows how potential and kinetic energy interact as a roller coaster moves along the track.

Annenberg Create a Roller Coaster *** (K – 2)

Interactive roller coaster creator.  This simulator has a limited amount of choices to show students that you can’t too crazy with your design.  This simulator is better suited for K-2 than grades 3 - 6.

Fundercoaster Create a Roller Coaster *** (Grades 2 – 6)

Interactive roller coaster simulator gives you 7 different variables to change.  This is a great simulator to explain variables and test the effects of variables.

Discovery Kids Build a Roller Coaster *** (2 – 6)

Build a custom roller coaster using 8 different premade tracks, configure the tracks in a variety of ways and test it.

Puzzling Caret Cam Interactive PE and KE Roller Coaster Builder ** (Grades K – 4)

A simple interactive roller coaster that allows students to try different crests and troughs to see whether a roller coaster would make it through the entire span of track.  This is a good exercise for students to figure out the law of conservation of energy. 

Learn 4 Good Roller Coaster Creator *** (Grades K - 4)
A simple simulation that makes a game of designing the coaster at different levels.  Design the coaster so that you roll through the coins.  Each level has a different pattern.  The simulator has a km/hr meter, but other than that it doesn't explain much of the physics and it is difficult to draw smooth lines with a mouse.