How do I identify and incorporate Webb's Depth of Knowledge into my questions and answers?

May 26, 2013 - 3:39pm -- Practice T.

I am wondering if anyone has an easy way to decipher Webb's Depth of Knowledge so that I know which level my questions and answers are going to fall into.  Does anyone have a YouTube, resource link, or advice on this?



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The link through this class has a nice handout that has charts for each level of question including potential activities.  It is very helpful.

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Figuring out the depth of knowledge for the questions I am creating has been a challenge for me as well.

Thank you for sharing the resources and links that you did. I have found them useful, and I think that creating test questions will be easier now. I think I will also go back and make sure the levels are correct on the questions I already created. :)

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Webb's Depth of Knowledge has been reworked to determine the claim for SBAC questions. Problem Solving - Claim 2 Skills - Claim 1 Concepts - Claim 1 Reasoning and Justification - Claim 3 and Claim 4 when analyzing or collecting data