At first it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the level of difficulty for a question, but once you break it down into the levels and key vocabulary the process becomes easier.  For more information try the addresses below.

Level 1 (recall): arrange, calculate, define, draw, identify, list, label, illustrate, match, measure, memorize, name, quote, recall, recite, repeat, report, state, tabulate, use, who, what, where, when, and why

Level 2 (skill/concept): categorize, cause/effect, classify, collect and display, distinguish,  compare, estimate, graph, identify, infer, interpret, make observations, modify, organize, predict, relate, separate, show, summarize, and use context cues

Level 3 (strategic thinking): assess, apprise, cite evidence, compare, construct, critique, develop a logical argument, differentiate, draw conclusion,  explain phenomena in terms of concepts, formulate, hypothesize, investigate, and use concepts to solve non-routine problems

Level 4 (extended thinking): analyze, apply concepts, connect, create, critique, design, prove, and synthesize
Webb, Norman L. and others. “Web Alignment Tool” 24 July 2005. Wisconsin Center of Educational Research. University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2 Feb. 2006. <>.

Here are two ways to export students from Inifinite Campus
1. Click on "Reports"
    Click "Blank Spreadsheet"
   Click "Show Student IDs"
   Click "Generate Report" button
   You should see a report popup in pdf format, hold down the left mouse button and select all the names and student IDs.
   Right click copy 
  Open up an Excel spreadsheet and right click paste

2. If your district has turned on the ability to generate a report click on "Gradebook Report"
   Click Comma Separated in the File Format box.
  Click the "Generate Report" button

Now you can follow the instructions on how to import the names into Prepdog.

If you choose to create a multiple choice question with multiple answers the student must enter all correct answers to receive credit.  So this type of question is an all or nothing result.  For example if the student answers 3/4 correct answers the student will still receive a 0/4.  If you would like to offer points for each answer you will have to create a matching type question.

Teachers are encouraged to save their own assessment and lesson plans as a backup.  You however cannot take copyrighted material off the site, such as photos, artwork, videos, audio clips and other material that is not your original material without permission.  The media gallery contains items that have to stay within the subscription site as per copyright laws.  Keep in mind that the the system you are placing your assessment and or lesson plans on has been created for teachers to collaborate.  The idea is for teachers to give and take to make life easier, to give teachers new ideas, and to improve on existing ideas.  If your subscription runs out your account is placed in a frozen like phase waiting for your return if you wish to subscribe again.

Sometimes the settings on school district or personal email will block our email.  We answer each and every question that comes to our email.  We cannot answer your email if you block our email.
1. Check your spam or junk folder.
2. Allow  and or 


A private quiz is only available to the teacher who created the quiz or question.  Shared quizzes and questions are available to all subscribers.

If the math editor will not open up to the full size so that you can access the entire menu you may have to adjust your zoom.  If you use CTRL "-" or "+" to resize or zoom your screen this will cause the math editor to malfunction.  Return your screen size to 100% and the math editor should work properly.

It is difficult to provide the correct code for old browser versions and new at the same time and have everything work properly.  Make sure you have updated your browser to the latest version, especially Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome 

Internet Explorer





The Home School Package is designed for parents taking the place of a teacher.  This is not a point and click one time type service.  This service was created by teachers for teachers, and continues to evolve with teacher input.  So keep in mind that this is a teaching tool, and if you are a parent puchasing a subscription be prepared to do a little ground work and monitoring of the students you are teaching.

Most of the media in the gallery has been purchased from media providers, which states that the media may only be used within the confine of the subscription login.  You may not copy and distribute the media without permission.  Please contact us if you would like to find out how you can purchase the media from one of the providers to prevent copyright issues.

You may use the author filter to select specific banks of questions/quizzes, or select the standard or subject you would like and choose your questions based on the author listed.

You can view how other teachers have rated your shared questions by logging in and:
1. Click on quizzes
2. Click on my quizzes
3. Click on one of the quizzes
4. Click on "manage q's"
5. Scroll down to my questions and you will see how they are rated, if the stars are gray that means the question has not been rated yet
6. You can also type your name into the "Author" search filter in "Other questions" to see all of your questions and how they have been rated


1. Click on Quizzes

2. Click on Create quiz
3. Create a title, for example “3rd grade final”, click the grade-3rd/subject- math, fill out the rest of the parameters to your needs
4. In the manage questions page scroll down to other questions and select “grade 3” in the core standard box, then click subject- “math”.
5. Select the math questions you would like to place in your quiz and then click add question.
6. Click “Save quiz”