Planet Project

July 6, 2013 - 2:31pm -- Denise Christine S.


Name _____________________________

Planet for Sale



You and your team of NASA astronauts are realtors who are selling a planet in our solar system.  You want to advertise globally and universally, so your team will create a poster to help sell your planet.  This poster will compete against other solar realtors’ posters. 

You will present your poster on THURSDAY, MAY 9th.

There will be only one winner!

The poster should include at least 10 of the following facts:

  • Planet name
  • Distance from sun?
  • What is the closest planet?  How far away is that planet?
  • What makes up the atmosphere? (Temperature, weather, etc.)
  • What makes up the surface?
  • Does the planet have any moons, rings?  Name of some moons
  • What is its orbital period? (how long does it take to orbit the sun)
  • What is its rotation period (how long it takes to spin once around its axis)
  • What is the diameter of the planet and what would gravity be like on it
  • Mass of planet
  • Any space missions (NASA) to this planet
  • Anything else interesting


Also on your poster these extras need to be included:

  • Name of Realtor Company
  • Logo for your company (a picture)
  • Names of your team members
  • 6 Pictures, a maximum of 3 prints outs
  • 3-6 GOOD reasons why people should buy this planet, based on FACTS

      (you can put 3 on your poster and the other 3 in your presentation)


JOBS: Everyone on your team will have a job and everyone will need to contribute to the other jobs to make the project successful!

1) Commander _______________________

2) Researchers - everyone

3) Artists __________________________

4) Presenters __________________________



10 (A)

7  (C)

5 (F)




12 of the factual requirements in detail

8-10 factual requirements; some missing or not detailed or inaccurate information


7 or less factual requirements



Poster is neat, colored and shows effort from all team members

Poster is neat, lacking color and not effort from all members

Poster is not neat, lacks color, and not a team effort




All 5 extras are included; meaningful pictures/graphics; clever reasons why you should purchase the planet; logo for company

3-5 of extras are included; uncreative reasons for purchasing planets; uncreative logo

2 or none of extras included


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I love this idea!

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Neat idea!