How to create an essay type question



How to create an essay type question
1., type in your user name and password
2. Click on quizzes
3. Click create quiz
4. Enter your title (If you are creating a specific common core quiz you want to include the standard abbreviation)
5. Select your core standard or non-core subject (where ever you stop in the taxonomy is where this quiz will end up in a search filter)
6. Select a difficulty level (Basic = old style of assessment, Complex = Common Core type assessment, recall of information = basic recall)
7. Share with others- click share if you want to share with the Prepdog community, private is for your use only.
8. Optional
      Click Pass/fail option to set the minimum pass rate.
      Availability options to set the date this quiz will be availble online.
      Taking options- 
            Repeat until correct- students take the quiz until all answers are correct 
            Randomize questions- randomize the questions so students sitting next to each do not cheat 
            Feedback setting- choose at the end of the quiz, after the question, or do not show 
            Display solution- show the answer or not 
            Allow number of attempts for this quiz- choose the number of times a student can take the quiz 
            Display allowed number of attempts or not