Accessing pre-made quizzes



How to Access pre-made quizzes:

  1. Click on the “quizzes button”.

  2. Click on the “find quizzes button”.

  3. Locate the box under the the words “Core Standard”.

  4. Click on the arrow and select your grade level from the dropdown menu.

  5. Continue to the next box on the right and continue drilling down the CCSS until you have the standard you are looking for.

  6. Note: you must click the “search” button to execute your search and bring up all tests for that standard.

  7. P.S. you can click search at anytime and it will bring up all questions for that search: example if you click on 4th grade and hit search, all questions for 4th grade will come up (language, math, etc…)

  8. Once you have clicked “search” you may hit the “preview” button to see what questions it contains.

  9. You may then click on the “Copy & Customize” button at the top right hand side of the preview page, or if you don’t wish to preview just click on the “Copy & Customize” button from your orginal search page.

  10. You have now made a clone of the original test which will be placed in your “My quizzes” file. You can change the name of the quiz by modifying the “Title”

  11. Click the “Save” button  at the bottom of the page.