How to set taking options- randomize, feedback options, and number of attempts


How to set taking options – randomize, feedback options, number of attempts:

  1. Click on “quizzes”

  2. Click on “my quizzes”

  3. Click on “Edit” button  beside the quiz you wish edit.

  4. Click on “Taking Options”  at the bottom of the page.

  5. You will now be able to choose several options: you can check “Repeat until correct”  (This forces students to answer until they get the correct answer”).

  6. You may also choose to have the questions given in random order by clicking the radio button. This is helpful if students are taking the online quiz next to each other and you would like to minimize cheating.

  7. You can even control when feedback will be given by clicking the radio button:

  8. You also can control the number of attempts on a quiz the student will have from 1-9 or unlimited:

  9. By checking the “Display allowed number of attempts” you forewarn students as to how many times they can attempt the quiz.