Identifying Webb's Depth of Knowledge

At first it can be overwhelming trying to figure out the level of difficulty for a question, but once you break it down into the levels and key vocabulary the process becomes easier.  For more information try the addresses below.

Level 1 (recall): arrange, calculate, define, draw, identify, list, label, illustrate, match, measure, memorize, name, quote, recall, recite, repeat, report, state, tabulate, use, who, what, where, when, and why

Level 2 (skill/concept): categorize, cause/effect, classify, collect and display, distinguish,  compare, estimate, graph, identify, infer, interpret, make observations, modify, organize, predict, relate, separate, show, summarize, and use context cues

Level 3 (strategic thinking): assess, apprise, cite evidence, compare, construct, critique, develop a logical argument, differentiate, draw conclusion,  explain phenomena in terms of concepts, formulate, hypothesize, investigate, and use concepts to solve non-routine problems

Level 4 (extended thinking): analyze, apply concepts, connect, create, critique, design, prove, and synthesize
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