Teacher Training Videos


How to Access pre-made quizzes:

  1. Click on the “quizzes button”.

  2. Click on the “find quizzes button”.

  3. Locate the box under the the words “Core Standard”.

  4. Click on the arrow and select your grade level from the dropdown menu.

  5. Continue to the next box on the right and continue drilling down the CCSS until you have the standard you are looking for.

  6. Note: you must click the “search” button to execute your search and bring up all tests for that standard.

  7. P.S. you can click search at anytime and it will bring up all questions for that search: example if you click on 4th grade and hit search, all questions for 4th grade will come up (language, math, etc…)

  8. Once you have clicked “search” you may hit the “preview” button to see what questions it contains.

  9. You may then click on the “Copy & Customize” button at the top right hand side of the preview page, or if you don’t wish to preview just click on the “Copy & Customize” button from your orginal search page.

  10. You have now made a clone of the original test which will be placed in your “My quizzes” file. You can change the name of the quiz by modifying the “Title”

  11. Click the “Save” button  at the bottom of the page.


1.Click on Gradebook
2. Click on Manage Students
3. Click on Add Student
4. Type in information.

A tutorial on how to add a true or false question to a quiz.

Tutorial on how to add a short answer fill in type question to a quiz.

1. Choose a Package

Choose the Home School Package if you would like a one year subscription for 10 students or less.  Keep in mind that the Home School Package is designed for parents that have taken on the role as the teacher.  

Choose the Teacher Package if you have ccess to computers and you would like to simplify your life a little bit.  The teacher package includes 30 students and you can of course add more students as you like.

2. Once you have paid for your pckage you will receive an email that reads "do not reply".  Check your inbox and your junk or spam folder.  

3. Click on the "do not reply" email.  Read the instructions and click on the link or paste it into your browser.

4. The link will take you to a Prepdog page instructing you to click onto the logon button.

5. The next page is your profile page.  Here you can change your profile, including your password.  Change your password and confirm it.  Make sure your email address is correct, this is the address that will be used to email your password if you forget your password.

6. Click save, and you are ready to go!

How a teacher sends a message to students.

1. Login
2. Click Gradebook
3. Click Message Students
4. Click Send message
5. Choose the student or students you want to send a message to, you can click the radio button to choose all.
6. Click send message at the bottom of the page.
7. You should see a list of students the message is being sent to at the top in the “To” box.
     Click on Subject and enter a short description of your message.
8. Click on Message and type in your message.
9. Optional, you may record an audio clip if you have a microphone set up on your computer. 
10. Click Send message

Accessing your Gradebook

  1. Login to Prepdog.com

2. Click on the “Gradebook” button

Tutorial on how to add a multiple choice question to a quiz.

How to assign

1. Click “quizzes”

2.Click “my quizzes”

3. Find the quiz you wish to assign from the list :

or drill down:


4. Click the “assign” button  next to the quiz you wish to use.

5.Click on the boxes next to the students that you wish to take the quiz:

6. Click on “Assign quiz”

How to create a class

1. Click on “gradebook”

2. Click on “manage students”

3. Scroll down to “2. manage classes” and click “Add Class”

4. Fill in the name for you class in the text box under “Name”

5. In the text box under “Description” describe what this class is (optional)

6. Select the students that you wish to put in your class by clicking the box next to the names of those you wish to include:

7. Click “Save”

Tutorial on how to create a quiz.

How to create a time sensitive quiz – availability

  1. Click on “quizzes”

  2. Click on “my quizzes”

  3. Choose the quiz you wish to assign and click “Assign”

  4. Click on the button at the top of the page that says, “edit quiz”

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Availability options”

  6. Uncheck box next to “Always Available”

  7. Use the drop down menu to select the date you would like the quiz available to start & stop.

  8. You will see:

  9. Now click “Assign Quiz”

  10. Select which students you wish to take the quiz.

  11. Click

  12. You will see:  at the top of the page.


How to create an essay type question
1. www.prepdog.com, type in your user name and password
2. Click on quizzes
3. Click create quiz
4. Enter your title (If you are creating a specific common core quiz you want to include the standard abbreviation)
5. Select your core standard or non-core subject (where ever you stop in the taxonomy is where this quiz will end up in a search filter)
6. Select a difficulty level (Basic = old style of assessment, Complex = Common Core type assessment, recall of information = basic recall)
7. Share with others- click share if you want to share with the Prepdog community, private is for your use only.
8. Optional
      Click Pass/fail option to set the minimum pass rate.
      Availability options to set the date this quiz will be availble online.
      Taking options- 
            Repeat until correct- students take the quiz until all answers are correct 
            Randomize questions- randomize the questions so students sitting next to each do not cheat 
            Feedback setting- choose at the end of the quiz, after the question, or do not show 
            Display solution- show the answer or not 
            Allow number of attempts for this quiz- choose the number of times a student can take the quiz 
            Display allowed number of attempts or not

How to video on importing multiple students from a CSV file.  You want to first export a CSV file from the grade program you are using at your school.  If your program exports to an Excel spreadsheet you can use that also.  

If your export allows you to set the information, you want to include a student email, "first and last name", first name, last name, and a student ID.  If you don't have all of these you may have to enter the missing data by hand.

How to login (generic)

  1. Go to www.prepdog.com

  2. Look at the top right hand side of the webpage.

  3. Enter your username (defaults to your first name last name) Example: Jim Stanford.

  4. Enter your password (Enter the password you selected after receiving your confirmation email from prepdog).

Tutorial on how to review and then edit a quiz.

How to set taking options – randomize, feedback options, number of attempts:

  1. Click on “quizzes”

  2. Click on “my quizzes”

  3. Click on “Edit” button  beside the quiz you wish edit.

  4. Click on “Taking Options”  at the bottom of the page.

  5. You will now be able to choose several options: you can check “Repeat until correct”  (This forces students to answer until they get the correct answer”).

  6. You may also choose to have the questions given in random order by clicking the radio button. This is helpful if students are taking the online quiz next to each other and you would like to minimize cheating.

  7. You can even control when feedback will be given by clicking the radio button:

  8. You also can control the number of attempts on a quiz the student will have from 1-9 or unlimited:

  9. By checking the “Display allowed number of attempts” you forewarn students as to how many times they can attempt the quiz.


How to set the pass/fail rate

  1. Click on “quizzes”

  2. Click on “my quizzes”

  3. Click on “Edit” button  beside the quiz you wish change pass/fail rate.

  4. Highlight & type in the numerical value you would like to set as the pass rate:

  5. Click the “Save” button.

  6. You will see:

How to use the filter to find specific questions and add them to a quiz


1. Click on “quizzes”

2. Click on “create quiz”

3. Title your quiz

4. Set “Core Standards”

5. Set “Difficulty”


6. Click “Save”

7. Scroll down to “Other Questions”

8. Drill down using “Core Standard” to find the type of question you would like to add to your test.

9. Check the boxes of the question(s) that you would like to add to your test. (Note that you may preview the questions by clicking the “Preview” button to the right of the questions description)

Click “Add question”

10. You have now added the questions to your test.

11. Now add other questions of your own, or save the quiz by clicking the “Save quiz” button


Tutorial on how to insert math symbols into your question.

First you will have to export a CSV file from your gradebook program.  The example in this video is from Infinite Campus, most gradebooks are going to export something similar to the example.  Some school districts have turned off the ability to export spreadsheets or CSV files, so you may have to ask an administrator or someone with admin rights to create the CSV file for you.